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Boxly Self-Storage has storage room locations in Zurich Dübendorf, Basel Gundeldingen and Lucerne. All self-storage facilities are modern, clean and safe, the individual storage compartments are protected from view and available in various sizes, so that storing all items and needs is easy and safe. The locations are accessible 365 days a year, including Christmas and other holidays.


You can easily reach Boxly’s storage facilities by public transport, car, van or truck. There are parking spaces, hand trucks and a lift for easy loading and unloading. Access to the building and your individual storage box is very easy – with an app on your smartphone. You can share this access with friends and family.

Ringstrasse 16

At Ringstrasse 16 in Dübendorf near Zurich, we now offer a modern, high-quality self-storage facility with storage compartments in different sizes.

The sight-protected storage rooms are clean and dry, have video surveillance and alarm security, so that your things are stored safely all year round. You have access to your items 365 days a year.

Free customer parking spaces, handcarts and goods lifts are available to you so that storing things in your storage room in Zurich Dübendorf is quick and easy.

Reserve your self-storage Zurich Dübendorf now and store straight away!

Lagerraum mieten bei Boxly Self-Storage in Zurich, Dubendorf
Dornacherstrasse 210

Boxly’s self-storage facility can be found in Basel, in the middle of the lively Gundeldingen district at Dornacherstrasse 210.

We offer modern, discreet storage rooms in various sizes. The entire location is clean and dry, with video surveillance and alarm security, so that your belongings are stored in the best conditions all year round. You have daily access to your things.

There are free Boxly customer parking spaces in front of the entrance, there are handcarts and a large lift, so storing things in Basel is easy and pleasant.

You can store the same day at our self-storage Basel!

Lagerraum mieten in Basel


from 2024

Our new location in Lucerne will open in 2024.

Your advantages with Boxly Self-Storage:
  • Good accessibility
  • ✅ Customer-friendly infrastructure
  • ✅ Flexible use, you only pay for the space you use
  • ✅ Maximum security
  • ✅ Daily access
  • ✅ Easy access with a cell phone
  • ✅ Optimal storage conditions, dry and clean
  • ✅ Rent quickly and easily
  • ✅ We are happy to help
  • ✅Visit the storage room location on request
  • ✅Cancel at any time
  • ✅Friendly, flexible and helpful customer service

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