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You’ll be happy to store your things at Boxly! We would be happy to pass on our tips and experiences about successful storage in self-storage. At Boxly we have a lot of practical experience with storage and in life situations where an additional storage option is a good solution. Find out more usefull stuff in our blogs.

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What does self-storage look like in everyday life? At what second point do you decide on a storage room? Why actually store your items and what are the best storage solutions?

Storage solutions

During a special life situation such as moving, remodeling and renovating the house, a long trip, moving in together or getting divorced, an external storage room often makes life easier. By moving certain things out during this time, you create more space to move around within your own four walls, meaning you literally have more room to breathe and live.

Sometimes a storage room can be the best solution for several months or even years. This means: living small and outsourcing items and equipment that are not used every day so that the living space is kept as large and comfortable as possible. The outsourced items can be carnival costumes, sports and outdoor equipment, decorative materials, heirlooms, collections and much more. Self-storage is often a better and more cost-effective solution to your space problem than a larger apartment.

In certain situations, an external storage space is only required for a short period of time, i.e. for one or several weeks. It may be that the new apartment is not finished yet and the old one is already rented out again. Then the residents usually find shelter with family or friends, but the furniture must be stored somewhere.

Companies benefit from clearer workspaces and more productive employees if the production and work spaces are tidy and easily accessible.

Of course, there are many other reasons why self-storage offers a good and practical storage solution in various life situations. We go into this in more detail in our blogs.

We also have lots of tips and information to make storage easier and make your self-storage experience a success.