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Moving to Switzerland

Are you planning to move to Switzerland? Even with an “normal” move within your own country, there is always a lot to arrange and to consider. Even more so if you move to another country.

Living outside the EU

Because Switzerland is not in the EU, there are many things to consider that do not otherwise apply when moving within the EU.

A few tips: Start planning early. Which items are a must to take? Of course, this depends heavily on the existing furniture and the new apartment. If the new apartment is smaller, reduce the amount of belongings in good time. In Switzerland, it can be very expensive to dispose of old furniture etc. Apart from the fact that you transported and imported the items for nothing. It is best to only take items (including vehicles) that you have already owned for at least 6 months. Otherwise VAT must be paid on the new goods when entering the country.

Will you move yourself or do you hire a company? A company will take care of all the transportation for you and can arrange the formalities at the border for you. This makes the whole thing much easier, but also costs the necessary. Moving yourself is cheaper, but requires a lot of organizational skills, making lists and filling in forms. Everything must be declared at the border.

The goods you are planning to move

In any case, make a list of the items to be moved when packing, incl. Value and weight. Then write the number on each box so that everything can be found easily. You can declare your belongings on list 18.44 household effects

Also note that the border crossings for immigration goods are closed on Sunday and are only open on Saturday until around midday (and only the largest ones).

The website provides good tips and information about immigrating to Switzerland and answers many questions about everyday life in Switzerland.

Boxly Self-Storage - this is how it works

Four simple steps to your storage unit

Step 1

Calculate the storage room size
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Step 2

Find your box,
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Step 3

Download the app and store
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Step 4


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