Boxly storage room calculator

Storage room calculator

How much storage space do I need? Which storage box should I rent?
Our storage space calculator gives you information about the ideal size of your box to fit your belongings.

As a general rule: approx. 10% of the living space is required as storage space.

With the Boxly storage unit calculator, you can quickly and easily work out the perfect size for your personal storage unit.

Our storage room sizes

We have storage rooms in various sizes. Here is an overview.
You can find the exact dimensions in m2 and m3 at the locations. Select your box there.



For approx. 6-8
Moving boxes

up to 3m3


For approx. 16-25 moving boxes

up to 5m3


For approx. 30-45 moving boxes

up to 10m3


approx. 50-70 moving boxes /
approx. 1 room

up to 14 m3


approx. 80 boxes / 1.5 rooms

up to 20 m3


For approx. 2-2.5 rooms

up to 25 m3


For approx. 3-4.5 rooms

Large up to 33 m3
Mega up to 41 m3

Large and Mega

For approx. 5-6 rooms