Store furniture

Storing furniture for the new apartment

A new home! It can be quite stressful because there is so much to consider. Before you move from one apartment to another, there is a lot to arrange and consider. But what if the old house is sold and the new one is not yet ready? Or if the new apartment is a bit smaller and the furniture doesn’t fit? Or if you are moving to Switzerland from abroad and need temporary storage for a while?
Then a self-storage unit can help, because it keeps your belongings safe and dry.

Size of the storage boxes

At Boxly Self Storage, there are large and small storage boxes where you can store your household goods and furniture. Depending on your needs, this can be for a longer period or just for a week. Boxly’s storage facilities offer good conditions so that your belongings are optimally cared for.

Do I need room to move?

The first important question is: do I want to come by from time to time and take items out and put others in? Then you need room to move so that you can get to the objects. Or do you want to put everything in once and take it all out again after your trip around the world, for example? Then everything can be placed very close together and you don’t need any extra space.

Size of the storage room

What is the best way to calculate the size of the storage room? A sofa covers a number of square meters in the living room, but what does it look like when the sofa is placed crosswise in a storage box? And how does it work with the chairs?

It often helps to make a drawing to determine how big the box needs to be.

Space-saving stacking

Also think about which furniture you can disassemble into individual parts to save space. Cupboards can often be dismantled into individual parts. When taken apart, the table top and legs take up much less space in the box than a whole table. Rein boxes can often be stacked in between, but not infinitely high.

Möbel einlagern in Self-Storage
Storage room calculator

Our storage calculator provides good information about the volume of a storage room.
We have storage boxes in various sizes for every household and every need: rent today and use right away!

Furniture storage

Store furniture

Self-storage keeps your furniture in optimal condition. Do you have a lot of furniture and household goods to store or are you planning a longer-term storage facility? Self-storage is a much better option than storing furniture in a garage or cellar.

Möbel einlagern und von Sonderangeboten profitieren
Why store furniture in a self-storage unit

In many situations, storing furniture can make your life easier.

  • Are you moving? If there is a transition phase between the old and the new house, self-storage is a great solution.
  • A smaller apartment? If not everything fits in the apartment, self-storage is the ideal solution.
  • Renovation or conversion? Temporary storage of furniture and household effects creates the necessary space. The work usually progresses more quickly.
  • More freedom of movement in the home? Make space for when there are new arrivals, for example.
  • Trip around the world? Workplace in another country? During a stay abroad, you want to rent out your home and keep your belongings clean and safe during this time.
How do I rent a storage unit for my furniture?

Step 1: Location
We have 3 locations in Zurich, Basel and Lucerne. The locations are all easily accessible by car and public transport.

Step 2: Choose the right storage unit size
Boxly offers storage units from 1 m² to 40 m² and a ceiling height of approx. 3 m. The size of storage unit you need depends on the amount of furniture you want to store.

Use our storage room calculator to quickly and easily find the ideal volume for your box.

Step 3: Reserve storage space
You can easily reserve storage space on the website. Take a look at our special offers– you can save a lot, especially on long-term rentals.

Step 4: Storing the furniture
To keep your furniture and other items in good condition during storage, it is best to clean and pack them. Here are some tips on how to keep furniture looking tip-top even after several years of storage:

  • Clean furniture: Only store cleaned furniture. This is important so that the stored furniture remains in pristine condition. Remove moisture, mold and dirt before you pack the furniture.
  • Dismantling furniture: Most beds, shelves, cupboards and tables can be dismantled into individual parts. This makes transportation easier and enables optimum use of the storage space. It is best to attach the screws and other small parts to the respective piece of furniture in a labeled plastic bag.
  • Wrap textiles: Sofas and upholstered chairs are best wrapped in blankets or special covers so that they are well protected during transportation and storage. It is best to store cushions in bags and roll carpets into large plastic bags.

Boxly Self-Storage - this is how it works

Four simple steps to your storage unit

Step 1

Calculate the storage room size
  1. Make a list of everything you want to store
  2. Calculate the volume with the storage space calculator

Step 2

Find your box,
book directly
  1. Find the right storage space and
  2. Book directly on the website

Step 3

Download the app and store
  1. Download the app to your cell phone on move-in day
  2. Store everything in your personal box

Step 4


  1. At Boxly it is a pleasure to store your things
  2. You have daily access to your box