Self-storage for start-ups

Storage space for start-ups

Flexible storage space for starting entrepreneurs.

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Founding a company

Setting up a company means a lot of work and often a lot of stress. Turning a brilliant business idea into a profitable company is not always easy. We can’t take over the marketing and financing of your startup, but we can offer you a simple and professional storage solution that suits you and your business.

It is usually cheaper to rent a small office or workshop and store the goods externally in a self-storage facility than a larger business premises. Flexibility is paramount here: with a self-storage unit, you can downsize or upsize at any time, depending on your needs. That way you don’t pay too much. At Boxly you can rent lockers of 1 m3 and larger storage rooms of 50m3. Many starting entrepreneurs are enthusiastic about this idea.

Ideal storage

The storage conditions for your start-up company’s products are ideal at Boxly Self-Storage. The locations are monitored by cameras and have protected compartments. Sensors monitor the room climate so that it is always constant. A damp cellar or shed is never ideal because it can destroy all your supplies. In self-storage, your products are stored in ideal conditions all year round.

The advantages of self-storage for start-ups
  • A small business: You can often save a lot of money if you don’t house your start-up’s warehouse in the same space as the actual office or workshop.
  • Flexible storage space: is the start-up company growing quickly or is there less turnover at certain times? With Boxly, storage space rentals are flexible, so you can move into a larger or smaller box at any time. This offers an extra advantage because you only ever pay for what you actually need in storage space.
  • Regulated climate: Your items are better stored in a dry room with a regulated climate.
  • Good infrastructure: easy unloading with lifting platform, goods lift and hand cart.
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  • Secure storage: in a self-storage facility, your products are stored safely and securely because the locations are monitored by cameras and alarm systems. The official requirements are always complied with to protect the users and the stored goods.
  • Daily access to your storage space: We also grant start-ups access 24 hours a day on request.
  • Easy access to the location: Boxly provides you with a link for your access app. Quite simply on the cell phone: no keys, no passwords. You can share this app with coworkers. You can always see who was in your storage room at any given time and you can revoke this access authorization at any time.

Boxly Self-Storage - this is how it works

Four simple steps to your storage unit

Step 1

Calculate the storage room size
  1. Make a list of everything you want to store
  2. Calculate the volume with the storage space calculator

Step 2

Find your box,
book directly
  1. Find the right storage space and
  2. Book directly on the website

Step 3

Download the app and store
  1. Download the app to your cell phone on move-in day
  2. Store everything in your personal box

Step 4


  1. At Boxly it is a pleasure to store your things
  2. You have daily access to your box

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