Storage room for tools

Tool storage for professionals

Tools and equipment are essential for a smooth-running company. A secure storage room for tools is just as important to ensure that everything is always in good shape. For professionals a self-storage facility is an excellent place to store tools and other equipment. 

Lagerraum mieten für Werkzeuge
Tool, equipment and product warehouse

A secure storage space for essential items is essential for every craftsman. These should not only be stored safely, but also be easily accessible so that everything is always to hand.

You can store your tools overnight at Boxly and pick them up again the next morning before you go to work. Self-storage is often safer than in a car and more convenient than on the balcony. Apart from that, the house doesn’t get dirty every time things have to be transported.

Do you have employees and coworkers who should also have access to the warehouse? If you share the access app, those authorized by you also have access and you always have an overview of who was in the box at what time.

The advantages of self-storage storage space for tools

Lagerraum mieten für Firmen
  • Safer than in a car or shed: your tools are stored safely and securely in a self-storage unit because the locations are monitored by cameras and alarm systems. The official requirements are always complied with to protect the users and the stored goods.
  • Flexible storage space: if you need more storage space or a little less for a while? With Boxly, storage space rentals are flexible so that you can move into a larger or smaller box at any time. This means you only pay for what you actually need in terms of storage space.
  • Good infrastructure: easy unloading with lifting platform, goods lift and hand cart.
  • Regulated climate: No damp cellars, but dry storage rooms with a regulated climate so that your valuable items are stored in ideal conditions all year round. The cellar compartment or garage doesn’t offer you that.
  • Daily access to your storage room. We also grant business customers access 24 hours a day on request.
  • Easy access to the location: Boxly provides you with a link for your access app, simply on your cell phone: no need for keys and passwords. You can share this app with coworkers if you wish. You can always see who was in your storage room at any given time and you can revoke this access authorization at any time. 

Size Matters

Not quite sure how big your storage room should be?

You can easily calculate the volume with our storage space calculator.

The storage rooms can also be visited by appointment.

Self-Storage für Werkzeuge