Self-storage for webshops

Self-storage for online stores

Boxly Self-Storage offers a flexible storage space alternative to your own apartment, cellar compartment or garage. Online stores benefit greatly from the flexibility of self-storage facilities.

Lagerraum mieten bei Boxly Self-Storage in Zurich, Dubendorf
The perfect storage solution for webshops

Self-storage is ideal if you sell goods in your online store or at a conventional market or flea market. You don’t “really” need business premises, but always storing everything at home is going too far in many cases.
The self-storage units offer a flexible alternative to your own apartment and cellar compartment.

In the beginning, you can probably keep your webshop’s warehouse in-house, which saves costs. But after a while, there are so many boxes and parcels that your space is limited and you have to look for another storage location.

The neighbor’s unused cellar compartment is usually not a way out either, because it is too damp and not protected from view. An external warehouse is the perfect solution for a certain volume of products. After all, you want to buy larger quantities after the start-up phase and storing a pallet of goods in your living room is usually not a good idea. However, a conventional high-bay warehouse in a hall is not advantageous either: access is cumbersome and the time you have access is very limited. That’s why a self-storage unit is ideal.

The advantages of self-storage for webshops
  • Lack of space: create freedom of movement in your home so that you feel comfortable within your four walls again.
  • Flexible storage space: is there a peak season at Christmas or in summer? Then you want to stock up in good time. With Boxly, storage space rentals are flexible: you can move into a larger or smaller box at any time, so you only ever pay for what you actually need in storage space.
  • Regulated climate: Most products store better in a dry room with a controlled climate. While a cellar or garage cannot offer you this, your products can be stored in a self-storage unit in ideal conditions all year round.
  • Buying in large quantities: Would you like to benefit from a volume discount and purchase a larger volume? Rent a larger storage compartment so that the intended quantity can be easily absorbed.
  • Secure storage: your products are stored safely and securely in self-storage. The locations are monitored by cameras and alarm systems. The official requirements are always complied with to protect the users and the stored goods.
  • Easy access to the location: Boxly provides you with a link for your access app. It’s very easy with your cell phone: no keys, no passwords. You can share this app with coworkers. You can always see who was in your storage room at any given time, and you can revoke this access authorization at any time.
  • Easy access to your products: direct access to your goods at all times, no cumbersome high-bay warehouse.

Boxly Self-Storage - this is how it works

Four simple steps to your storage unit

Step 1

Calculate the storage room size
  1. Make a list of everything you want to store
  2. Calculate the volume with the storage space calculator

Step 2

Find your box,
book directly
  1. Find the right storage space and
  2. Book directly on the website

Step 3

Download the app and store
  1. Download the app to your cell phone on move-in day
  2. Store everything in your personal box

Step 4


  1. At Boxly it is a pleasure to store your things
  2. You have daily access to your box

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