Self-storage in Zurich

Rent storage space in Zürich at Boxly Self-Storage Dübendorf

If you want to rent a storage unit near Zurich that is easily accessible and has all the advantages of modern self-storage, then Boxly Dübendorf is the ideal location for you. We offer you modern storage compartments in Dübendorf so that your items are always stored optimally.

Rent storage space in Zurich Dübendorf in a good location

Boxly’s self-storage facility is located on Ringstrasse in Dübendorf, on the outskirts of Zurich. The address is Ringstrasse 16, the entrance to the self-storage can be reached via Hochstrasse 8.

The self-storage facility is very well located and easy to reach both by car and by public transport.

Excellent accessibility

Car: Set the navigation to Hochstrasse 8, because the free customer parking spaces, the entrance / goods elevator and the (adjustable) ramp can be reached via Hochstrasse 8.

Public transportation: Tram 12 and bus 752 stop directly in front of the house. From Stettbach station, where numerous S-Bahn lines stop, it’s just a few minutes’ walk or one stop on the streetcar to Boxly.

Your benefits at Boxly in Zurich Dübendorf:
  • Good accessibility
  • ✅ Customer-friendly infrastructure
  • ✅ Flexible use, you only pay for the space you need
  • ✅ Maximum safety
  • ✅ Daily access
  • ✅ Easy access with smartphone
  • ✅ Optimal storage conditions
  • ✅ Rent quickly and easily
  • ✅ We are happy to help
Large Elevator to 3th floor
Entrance Boxly Dübendorf with Platform at Hochstrasse 8

Our storage space categories and prices (in Dübendorf)

Storage room sizes and prices

We have storage rooms in various sizes. Each storage unit is assigned to a category with a specific content in cubic meters. Below you will find a table with the current rental prices per storage unit in each category. The prices, terms and conditions are subject to change. The exact dimensions in m² and m³ will be confirmed when you make your booking. Sometimes it is not easy to estimate how big a storage box should be, so you can view the locations and storage boxes at Boxly.

We do not charge any fees for booking, changing storage units or canceling. There is only a deposit in the amount of the monthly rent, which is refunded after leaving an empty and clean storage unit. There are often attractive special offers and discounts and we always offer discounts for long-term rentals.

Additional discounts for long-term rentals with advance payment

3 months and more 5% discount
6 months and more 10% discount
12 months and more 15% discount

1 m³

(0.99 x 0.96 x 0.99 m)

Boxly Self-Storage Lagerraum Locker Mini


for 6-8 moving boxes

CHF 33.32/month (7.69 /week)

up to 5.6 m³

2.02 - 2.50 m² / 4.5 - 5.6 m³

Boxly Self-Storage Lagerraum Locker Mini


for approx. 45-50 moving boxes

CHF 85.27 /month (19.68 /week)

up to 6.7 m³

2.50 - 3.02 m² / 5.6 - 6.7 m³

Boxly Self-Storage Lagerraum Mini

Extra Small

for approx. 50-60 moving boxes

CHF 104.65 /month (24.15 /week)

up to 7.8 m³

3.02 - 3.50 m² / 6.7 - 7.8 m³

Boxly Self-Storage Lagerraum Mini


for approx. 60-70 moving boxes

CHF129.80/month (29.95 /week)

up to 9.3 m³

3.50 - 4.20 m² / 7.8 - 9.3 m³

Boxly Self-Storage Lagerraum Small Plus und Regular


for approx. 70-90 moving boxes

CHF 162.41/month (37.48 /week)

up to 11.1 m³

4.20 - 4.99 m² / 9.3 - 11.1 m³

Boxly Self-Storage Lagerraum Small Plus und Regular


for approx. 90-100 moving boxes

CHF 178.48 /month (41.19 /week)

up to 13 m³

4.99 - 5.85 m² / 11.1 - 13.0 m³

Boxly Self-Storage Lagerraum Compact (Plus)


for approx. 1.5 room

CHF 201.08 /month (46.40 /week)

up to 15.2 m³

5.85 - 6.84 m² / 13.0 - 15.2 m³

Boxly Self-Storage Lagerraum Compact (Plus)


for approx. 1.5 – 2 rooms

CHF 225.70/month (52.08 /week)

up to 17.3 m³

6.84 - 7.78 m² / 15.2 - 17.3 m³

Boxly Self-Storage Lagerraum Economy (Plus)


for approx. 2-2.5 rooms

CHF 262.95/month (60.68 /week)

up to 19.7 m³

7.78 - 8.86 m² / 17.3 - 19.7 m³

Boxly Self-Storage Lagerraum Economy (Plus)


for approx. 2-2.5 rooms

CHF 310.01 /month (71.54 /week)

up to 22.5 m³

8.86 - 10.12 m² / 19.7 - 22.5 m³

Boxly Self-Storage Lagerraum Medium (Plus)


for approx. 2.5 – 3 rooms

CHF 338.36 /month (78.08 /week)

up to 28.1 m³

10.12 - 12.64 m² / 22.5 - 28.1 m³

Boxly Self-Storage Lagerraum Medium (Plus)


for approx. 3-4 rooms

CHF 390.01/month (90.00 /week)

* As the storage units can vary in height and it ultimately depends on how much storage volume you can use, we calculate our rental prices per storage volume (and not per storage space). Of course, we also report the floor area and the length and width of each storage box so that the usable volume can be seen. This way you can get an idea of the storage boxes. Below are the volume and footprint of typical storage units in each category.

Rent storage space in Zurich Dübendorf

Boxly’s storage units can be booked directly on the website. It only takes a few minutes before you can store.

Have you tried it yet?
Because it is sometimes not easy to determine the space required for your storage unit, you can easily calculate this with our Boxly storage unit calculator.