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Boxly Self Storage Dübendorf near Dietlikon: Low rates, safe and near you!

Boxly Self Storage in Dübendorf near Dietlikon is your first choice for safe and comfortable storage of your possessions. Because Boxly offers a variety of storage options at fair prices, combined with the extremely convenient location on Ringstrasse in Dübendorf, Boxly offers the ideal solution for all storage needs. Forget about space problems or security issues – everything is well taken care of at Boxly.
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rent storage space in Dübendorf Zürich near Dietlikon
Discover Boxly Selfstorage in Dübendorf near Dietlikon: the ideal storage solution!

Boxly Selfstorage Dübendorf near Dietlikon offers more than just storage options. It’s a safe place where you can store your possessions without worrying about space or security. Boxly’s self-storage facility is located in the heart of the new Hochbord residential area in Dübendorf.

With a selection of different storage sizes, you can find the right space for your needs. Whether furniture, office equipment, sports equipment, archives, collections or personal items – Boxly offers the ideal solution. All storage rooms are screened for maximum privacy and equipped with sensors and individual alarms. If you wish, you can rent a shelf that we will put in your storage room. Contact us directly for this option.

Boxly Self Storage is also characterized by its user-friendliness. The storage areas are easily accessible, there is a super large goods lift, a lifting platform, handcarts and the entire self-storage is clearly arranged.

There is also a helpful team at your side to help you with any questions or concerns. Your things are in good hands with Boxly, because in Dübendorf great importance is placed on security. All storage units are equipped with the latest security technologies. Renting storage space in Dübendorf with Boxly Self-Storage is always a success!

Boxly Self-Storage in Dübendorf near Dietlikon: low rates, safe and close to you, Boxly Self-Storage impresses when it comes to renting storage space!

Boxly self-storage in Dübendorf near Dietlikon not only offers security and convenience but is also inexpensive. With a variety of storage sizes, fair prices and various discounts, these storage rooms fit every budget. With Boxly there are no notice periods, which means maximum flexibility so you can adjust your storage needs at any time. Even if you want a larger or smaller storage box, we are very flexible: you can change at any time without additional costs (if possible, of course) and you only pay for the days actually used. Rent online and move in immediately – this is possible with Boxly, thanks to the latest technology and the access app.

Safety is the highest priority at Boxly Selfstorage in Dübendorf near Dietlikon. Each storage unit is equipped with the latest monitoring technology, sensors and alarms and access is strictly regulated. Your belongings are protected at all times.

The ideal choice and on a perfect location

In addition, Boxly Self-Storage in Dübendorf near Dietlikon is very conveniently located just outside the city of Zurich. Whether by car or public transport, the location is easily accessible and has free customer parking spaces. Storing is easy, even for large items, because you can stop at the lifting platform, unload everything and push it into the goods lift with the pallet truck. Because of the generous opening hours, access to the storage compartments is possible at any time, which makes storing your items safe and uncomplicated. You have access to your compartment every day – even on Sundays and Christmas!

Boxly Selfstorage in Dübendorf near Dietlikon/Zurich is the ideal choice for a secure, inexpensive storage solution due to the selection of different storage room sizes, modern security technology and fair prices. Boxly offers everything you need for your storage solutions. Experience simple and efficient storage with Boxly and forget about worries about lack of space or the safety of your items – Boxly takes care of everything, whether you want to store for the short or long term.

Contact us by email or phone and see how Boxly Self-Storage in Dübendorf Zurich can solve your storage problems. We would be happy to help you find the best, tailor-made storage solution – request a viewing now from Boxly Dübendorf.