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Storage room Basel Bruderholz

In the constantly growing and ever-developing Bruderholz district of Basel, the topic of storage rental and storage can be quite important. At Boxly in Basel Gundeldingen, just next to Bruderholz, there is now a new, modern self-storage facility with individual storage rooms. Dry, safe and clean – that’s how your belongings are stored in Boxly’s storage units.

Boxly Self-Storage Basel bei Binningen
Everything you need to know about renting storage space in Basel Bruderholz

Boxly in Basel Gundeldingen – just a few minutes from the Bruderholz district – is known for its ecellent storage rental options. You have the option of renting both small and large storage spaces. Depending on what you need.

Boxly Self-Storage offers secure, clean and dry storage units. Each of the storage boxes, which are protected from view, and the entire site have sensors and alarms. That way your valuable items are always stored safely. The entire site is monitored by video cameras and alarm systems.

A constant, regulated climate prevails all year round. So that even the more delicate items, papers and entire archives can be stored safely and dryly.

At Boxly Self-Storage, we offer flexible contracts. No notice periods and no additional costs when changing your unit. If you need a larger or smaller storage box, you can always switch (if available, of course). You only pay for the space you actually need.

Rent storage space at a discount

We also offer long-term discounts: if you rent and prepay a storage box for several months, we give a 5-15% discount. More info: follow this link here.

Practical tips and advice on renting storage space in Basel Bruderholz

When storing items, it is important to pack them correctly. You can use special moving boxes, bubble wrap and other packing materials for this. It is also advisable to label the items carefully so that you can find them more easily later.

Another important tip is to use the available space efficiently. Try to stack the items in such a way that the available space is used optimally and you still have a good overview. Remember to place the heavy items at the bottom and the light ones at the top. If you occasionally want to remove something from the storage room or put something in, it is advisable to keep a path clear so that you can easily get to your things.

Storage in Basel near Bruderholz is a practical solution. Whether you want to free up space, move house or store your belongings safely, an external storage unit is often a convenient and affordable solution. With the right information and a few practical tips, it is very easy to make the storage process efficient and smooth. Contact Boxly Self-Storage for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!