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Professional storage solutions in Basel near Dreispitz

In the modern business world, the efficient storage of goods and products plays a crucial role. It is not only the storage capacities themselves that are of decisive importance, but also their costs. In Basel, we offer storage solutions for professional and private users. Boxly has the efficient storage solutions you want in Basel Gundenldingen. Contact us for more information!

Boxly Self-Storage Basel Gundeldingen Dreispitz
Storage solutions in Basel near Dreispitz – short and long-term storage options for businesses and private individuals

Boxly in Gundeldingen near Basel Dreispitz offers a range of ideal storage solutions tailored to the various needs of companies and private individuals. The storage solutions in Basel Gundeldingen near Dreispitz are characterized by their flexibility and adaptability.

Boxly Selfstorage in Gundeldingen offers excellent storage solutions. A safe place where you can store your belongings without worrying about space or security. Boxly’s modern self-storage facility is located in the heart of Basel’s Gundeldingen district.

With a selection of different storage sizes, you’ll find the right space for your needs. Whether furniture, office equipment, sports equipment, archives, collections or personal items – Boxly offers the ideal solution. All storage rooms are screened for maximum privacy. Security is guaranteed with sensors and individual alarms in each storage room. You can rent a shelf for your storage room on request. Contact us for this option.

If you would like a tour of the facility and the storage rooms first, this is of course possible. We will be happy to show you our self-storage on request – please click here to schedule an appointment!

Rent a self-storage unit Basel Dreispitz

Boxly Selfstorage is also characterized by its user-friendliness at all locations. The storage areas are easily accessible. A goods lift, lifting platform, trolley and free customer parking facilitate storage. The entire self-storage facility is clearly laid out and user-friendly.

Boxly Selfstorage in Basel near Dreispitz not only offers security and convenience, but is also inexpensive. With a variety of storage sizes, fair prices and various discounts, these storage units fit every budget. Boxly has no notice periods, which means maximum flexibility so you can adjust your storage needs at any time. Even if you want a larger or smaller storage box, we are completely flexible: you can change at any time at no extra cost (if possible, of course) and you only ever pay for the days you actually use. Rent online and move in immediately – this is possible with Boxly, thanks to the latest technology and the access appon your smartphone.


The Boxly team is always ready to help if you have any questions or concerns – just give them a call. At Boxly Gundeldingen near Basel Dreispitz, your belongings are in good hands because we attach great importance to security. All our storage units and the entire facility are equipped with the latest safety technologies. Renting storage space in Basel with Boxly Self-Storage is always a success!

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