Special offers

Boxly special offers and discounts

When you book a storage unit with Boxly, you always benefit from long-term discounts and often other perks. Here is an overview of the current discounts.

Sonderangebote und Rabatte

Long-term discounts

With Boxly you always benefit! If you would like to rent a storage unit for several months, we offer generous long-term discounts.
Rentals from 3 months benefit from a 5% discount on the rental costs, rentals of at least half a year benefit from a 10% discount, rentals of at least one year even benefit from a 15% discount.
Contact us if you want to rent for much longer than a year or if you need more than one storage unit so that we can make a customized offer for your needs.

Special offers

There are often other special offers so that you can make the most of your storage hire.  

Overview of our special offers and discounts

**Long-term discounts**
We always offer attractive discounts if you rent a BOXLY storage unit for a longer period and pay in advance:

From 3 months rental: 5% discount on the rental costs,
Code: quarter5
From 6 months rental: 10% discount on the rental costs,
Code: half-year10
From 12 months rental: 15% discount on the rental costs,
Code: year15
Contact us for rentals of much longer than one year