Moving out of the Storage Room

Moving out of the storage room

When the trip around the world is over or the renovation work has been completed, the time has come to leave the storage room again.

Self-Storage und Sicherheit
Termination of storage space

You must terminate your contract in writing. Send us an email. There is no notice period. You can leave the storage box at any time.

Clearing out and cleaning the storage room

All items must be removed from the storage room on the day you move out. Please leave this swept clean.

We check the cleared storage space to make sure nothing has been forgotten and that it is in good condition.

Please take everything with you, including items you no longer need. We cannot dispose of these things for you.

And what if the plans change?

Would you like to extend the rental agreement because the renovation project is taking longer than expected or not all the furniture fits in the new apartment? Let us know in writing (by email) as soon as you know so that we can arrange the necessary arrangements.

Do you still need a storage space, but a different unit? Please inform us so that another box can be found. We do not charge any fees for changing to a larger or smaller storage space. Click here for the storage room calculator.

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