How self-storage works

Self-storage for our customers

Over the past few years, we at Boxly have been studying what is most important to you as our valued customer as a self-storage user.
We have incorporated this information into our concept for renting out our storage units and expanded it with the latest technology.

Lagerraum mieten bei Boxly Self-Storage in Zurich, Dubendorf
Self-storage box in any size

It is possible to rent a self-storage unit of any size.
Our storage unit sizes range from the 1m³ locker to the large units of over 40m3.
We will be happy to help you find a suitable storage unit that suits you perfectly.

Storage room rental from one week

Do you need a temporary solution for a week between two rentals?
Are you traveling abroad for a few months or are you renovating your apartment for several weeks?
You can rent your storage unit from us for as little as one week and then stay as long as you like.

Storage space rental for several years

Do you run a webshop, do you have a craftsman’s company or are you working abroad for a long time and therefore looking for a warehouse for several months or even years?

Affordable long-term rentals

We offer affordable long-term rentals and are always ready to adjust the size of the box if storage needs change.

Plans can change, we at Boxly are flexible
  • If your agenda is upside down: we can adjust the start date for you on request
  • Change storage space: do you need more or less space?
    You can change your booking at any time

Boxly Self-Storage - this is how it works

Four simple steps to your storage unit

Step 1

Calculate the storage room size
  1. Make a list of everything you want to store
  2. Calculate the volume with the storage space calculator

Step 2

Find your box,
book directly
  1. Find the right storage space and
  2. Book directly on the website

Step 3

Download the app and store
  1. Download the app to your cell phone on move-in day
  2. Store everything in your personal box

Step 4


  1. At Boxly it is a pleasure to store your things
  2. You have daily access to your box

You like to store your things at Boxly

Lagerraum mieten  bei Boxly Self-Storage
Access with the app on your cell phone

No more forgotten passwords and lost keys! You always have access to the location and your box with the app. You can share the app with friends, family members or employees. With the app, you can always see who was in your box at what time and you can block access for others at any time.

Access to the storage room with the vehicle

You can drive your car up to the lifting platform and then place your goods on a trolley. This saves time and effort. You can then park the car in the Boxly parking spaces and put the items in your storage unit.

Aids for storage and retrieval

Handcarts, trolleys and platform trolleys are available at all our locations.

You go to your box – the tidying up can begin!

Yes, then you put your box away. On our blog “Storage tips”, we give advice on how to make the best use of the available space.
When everything is inside, never forget to close the latch. Then you can be sure that everything is in good hands until the next time you come by.

Alarm-protected and video-monitored

Our facilities are secured by various alarms and are monitored by various visible and invisible video cameras. There are also motion detectors with heat sensors. Regardless of the lighting conditions or time of day, the entire location is always monitored and all persons entering are recorded.

Lagerraum mieten bei Boxly Self-Storage in Zurich, Dubendorf
Insurance of the stored goods

In many cases, the stored goods are covered by your existing (household contents) insurance. It’s best to check with the insurance company how long the belongings that are not in your home are insured for. If you do not (yet) have household contents insurance or it is not sufficient, let us know when you book so that we can offer you a tailor-made solution.

Tips from a self-storage professional

Moving and storing – a few tips from a professional will make it smoother and easier. Read our blogs here on how to take care of yourself and protect your precious belongings as much as possible:

  • Tips for packing: The best way to pack your belongings
  • Storage tips: How to make the most of your storage space
  • Health and safety tips: how you can take care of yourself when bridling

Do you have any questions or comments? Contact us