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Digital access system

Boxly’s digital access system, the “StorageSmart Entry System”, is a cloud-based, digital key management solution developed specifically for the self-storage industry that enables access to our locations and storage units via a smartphone.
Access at any time with your cell phone thanks to our digital access system!

Zutrittssystem Self-Storage Zugang mit App
Lagerraum Reservierung und Einzug
Access for authorized customers only

No more lost keys and forgotten passwords! Because you have access to the Boxly location and your personal storage room with your cell phone, you always have the key with you.

With Boxly, only authorized customers get access to the Boxly location with their smartphone.

App on your cell phone – the digital access system from Boxly

On the first day of the rental, you will receive an SMS with the link for the app. You can download this app to your cell phone to unlock the access door, lift, lifting platform and your personal storage room.

If required, you can share the app with friends, family members and employees so that they also have access. However, you can always see who was in your storage room at any given time. You can also revoke this authorization at any time.

The advantages of Boxly’s digital self-storage access system – the Storage Smart App
  • You have access to the building, elevator and your storage room with an app on your smartphone
  • Much simpler and more secure than keys, badges or passwords
  • Monitor access to your storage box at all times via app
  • Integrated motion detection
  • A higher level of security
  • App for iOS and Android
  • You can pass on a digital key to grant access to a family member, removal company or colleague
  • You can revoke shared access at any time
  • You can always see who was in your storage room at any given time
No smartphone? Contact us for other options.
Das Boxly Self-Storage Zutrittssystem

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